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"When all nations come together without war or poverty.

When the human soul can be free.

When at last all is forgiven in each human heart.

When  peace becomes an art.

 I’ll be comin’, I’ll be comin’, I’ll be comin’, I’ll be comin’ home."

"The world is full of sounds-some cacophonous, some beautiful. Sound is the most subtle and powerful energy form known to us in this dimension. Music is a precious gift. The Muse should be approached and embraced with love. Every sound we make creates a new universe of itself, perhaps brief to us, but eternal to those within it. The sound vibrations around and within us have the potential for harm or help, destruction or creation, dissipation or renewal. It is upon the healing aspect of music that I focus."

"We'll all go together On the road toward the Sun, And we'll all grow together In the love within each one."

Buddy Comfort

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