“Grace Notes:

 On his newest release, Brother Sun, Sister Moon, Buddy Comfort plumbs the depths of his heart to touch ours. In the true troubadour tradition he tells a tale. This is not a tale of mundane events or sentimental romance, but a story of the yearning of a soul seeking to consciously know itself. This is an ode to the spirit of St. Francis, to simplicity of lifestyle, compassion for humanity, and union with nature. The inclusion of three seldom heard songs composed by Donovan for Franco Zeffirelli’s transcendent film is cause for celebration in itself, but the great gift is that these gems are impeccably set and matched by stunning original jewels, creating a total work of art expressing the theme of unconditional love. This album takes you beyond concerns of the moment and into the infinite quietude, alone with the beloved.”

I am enjoying Brother Sun Sister Moon a great deal and on many levels. There is a quality of being very present and yet an out of time feeling about it. What a wonderful talent you have and we are fortunate you share it.

We carry your BROTHER SUN, SISTER MOON cd at our gift shop and we are all in awe of its beauty. We play it daily. In fact, I have to reorder! We sold out the first day we started playing the disk. It is a remarkably inspiring work of art. Again, I wish to thank you for sharing your gifts with the world. You beautify our planet through your great talents. I salute you for being courageous. It is not easy to be a religious artist. Your bravery will be blessed in the other world!!! Blessings with respect, Dan Paulos Director St. Bernadette Institute of Sacred Art 11509 Indian School Road NE Albuquerque NM 87112-3163

Dedicated to the vision and reverence for all life inspired by St. Francis of Assisi, BROTHER SUN, SISTER MOON is a collection of positive, life-affirming songs, some prayer-like in quality, led by Buddy Comfort's warm, gentle baritone in mostly classic folk style, accompanied on keyboard (Warren Dennis Kahn), violin (Alasdair Fraser), cello (David Darling), Celtic harp (Margie Butler), soprano sax (Marcia Miget), and English hand bells (Kathie Fink). Opening songs composed by Donovan Leitch, are accessible, and uplifting. ˜St. Francis and the Eagle", one of several original compositions, is one of a number of jewels on this album, with beautiful heartfelt words and music, beautifully set. ˜Love is the Night", is one of the most tender love songs you will ever hear. It gave me chills! A Tibetan monk chant-like setting of a Shaker hymn "What Wondrous Love is This" is absolutely entrancing. A talented songwriter, I look forward to hearing more from this artist.

Mark Maxwell Abushady is an actor, singer, designer and photographer in New York City

Actually discovered and downloaded your wonderful recording of "Brother Sun" after I read that Donovan has released his own 2005 version. Saw both on I-Tunes and between you and me, I prefer your versions :) I'm truly touched by your music and it's been very helpfull getting me through some rough time. Thanks!
Love it! Buddy's rich and pleasing baritone voice is a tremendous boost to the admittedly schmaltzy Donovan songs from the film. "What Wondrous Love..." I find this version haunting, contemplative, and appropriately somber. This was a "blind buy" that was well worth the risk. Fan of Francis? Buy this CD!
Beautiful, touching songs I've been seeking out for ages! I saw the movie "Brother Sun Sister Moon" when I was much younger and while I vaguely remembered the film; the music haunted me for ages after. But it was to no avail that I could find it until cdbaby! These songs are fantastic; transending the categories of New Age or folk or soft vocals or even Spiritual music. There is a purity to these songs that just makes you feel calm and better about being alive. I am utterly thrilled to find this music again and can only say it would be a mistake you'll ever regret if you don't get a copy of this!
One of the best new age vocal albums released, both in intent and performance. Guitarist/vocalist Comfort is committed to the use of song as a vehicle for world peace. His soothing voice and simple arrangements encourage participation, particularly on the three instantly recognizable (and still appealing) Donovan songs from the unforgettably beautiful Zefferelli film of the same name. Comfort's original compositions are just as memorable; their gentle spirituality and reverent warmth have universal appeal.

I just finished listening to the CD (Brother Sun Sister Moon) and I really like it. I have been so hungry for music that says something worth saying and that is beautiful to listen to at the same time, and this CD really does and is. I especially liked “I Love My Life”, and will play it the next time my chronic illness group meets, plus a couple of dozen times before then – at least.

I was thrilled to find this music on CD! I love your versions of Donovan's songs, and I love your songs just as much. I can feel the healing in your music. It is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your heart this way.

Wonderful to find treasures like this in the world today.

As a Catholic, Brother Sun Sister Moon expressed the beauty of humility by song.
God has blessed you abundantly with such a beautiful voice. Stone by Stone is my favorite...what a magnificent voice you have!

When God asks you what have you done with the gift He gave you....you can easily say.....I shared it with my brothers & sisters.

God Bless You!

We heard you play at Pacific Coast Church last week, and my husband bought one of your CDs. We love it! This is a happy surprise because we have often purchased CD’s on the spur of the moment but haven’t been too happy with them. But your CD really surpassed our expectations and we’re sure it’s going to be one of our favorites. We especially love the bells and the overtones when you sing “soul” (What Wondrous Love is This). Very Inspired.

What a wonderful weekend at Susan’s Deeper Connections session. Your music elevated us to a higher level.

When driving home from helping a new teacher, who was crying in her classroom,

I popped in your CD. Thanks for your music.

You are a gift to the Universe.

No soundtrack from the film Brother Sun-Sister Moon was produced
and what a shame, such beautiful music in the film sung by
Buddy Comfort sings all the wonderful music from this outstanding
beautiful movie. I have this music CD and its rare and
worth every cent to own it and sung with the wonderful voice
of Buddy Comfort.


5 out of 5 stars

I recently saw the movie "Brother Sun, Sister Moon" - a 1973 film on the life of the man known to history as St. Francis of Assisi - for the first time, and was very much touched by the fantastic soundtrack of this motion picture, originally composed and sung by the Scottish folk singer Donovan.

Then just this week I happened to notice here on Amazon Buddy Comfort's incredible re-recording of the amazing and deeply meaningful music from the film, since apparently a soundtrack album was never made when the movie was originally released back in the early '70's.

It's hard to believe the wonderfully composed music and lyrics of this film are so unknown and overlooked.

5 out of 5 stars   Hauntingly Beautiful Music

I am a Third Secular Franciscan and have loved the movie Bother Sun and Sister Moon since it first was shown to me in class. I was very sad that a soundtrack was not made. When I found a recent CD with the music from the movie by Donavan I was excited, then extremely disillusion when I heard it. It was nothing like the movie music. Fortunely for me that I found this CD by Buddy Comfort, and I must say that I was blown away into the meadows on this lovely day with his beautiful and soothing voice. What a treasure!!!


5 out of 5 stars 

Singer "Buddy Comfort" has a wonderfully "comforting" voice. Absolutely great for relaxation and soothing frazzled nerves. ....... The guitar accompaniment and the harmony are nice, simple, quiet, and calming. For me this was a great find and purchase.

5 out of 5 stars   Soothing.

Brother Sun Sister Moon is one of my favorite movies and I am so happy that Buddy Comfort recorded the songs so we can all hear them aside from watching the movie. He does a wonderful job. I would highly recommend it. It's peaceful and soothing and he has a beautiful voice! Thanks Buddy, :o)

5 out of 5 stars  Wonderful CD!

This cd is a dream come true because I love the 70's movie and its Donovan songs.


5 out of 5 stars        A very sublime music

Just wanted to let you know I have your CD – have had it for years now – it always brings me comfort and serenity. Thank you and I give thanks for you and your gifts.


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